I am not environmentally crazy. In fact, I have not even been much interested in this subject previously.
Being raised in a very small town I lived a life quite close to the nature, without actually realising it. Together with friends, often we would be going for long walks, cycle through the forests, visit the villages nearby or go to swim in the lake. We used to eat fruit and vegetables grown by my grandmother, drink the milk delivered by the cows she kept and eat the eggs from her chickens. We would not drink Coke or other frizzy drinks usually but the home-made juice, made by our mums from cooked fruits with a hint of sugar. If we had a plastic bottle, we naturally, reused it. To bring fresh milk from my grandma, or to keep the juice in it for long days spent outside with friends. I always had my lunch prepared in my backpack ready to eat during the break between classes. We would go, with friends and family, to pick wild berries, wild mushrooms or any other yummy stuff that grows in the forest. We would help my grandparents in the countryside to plant the crops and then afterwards to harvest what has grown. This is how I remember my childhood to be. It was the time of freedom and happiness, just before the reality of the adult life hit me.


Visit Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw, in Polish, Warszawa, is the capital city of Poland.

It is the city I always wanted to live in. Fast, modern and developing. The only city that actually has a Subway (Metro) system (only 2 lines though) in Poland.

We (me and my boyfriend) have only spent 2 days in Warsaw. We stayed at the Hotel Première Classe Varsovie/Warszawa hotel. At first I got a bit worried, as the hotel was not exactly in the city centre (I have obviously chosen a ‘’budget’’ option, so not exactly in the city centre even though I usually get lost on public transport), but in fact it was only around 20 minutes walking to the Palace of Culture and Science and 15 minutes to Warsaw Uprising Museum. Perfect location. In total we have paid around £66.00 total: 2 nights for 2 people with buffet breakfast included. The hotel was nice and clean, staff helpful and breakfast tasty (although quite limited choice of foods and not very tasty coffee). Cannot complain, especially for this price.

Palace of Culture and Sience, just by Zlote Tarasy shopping centre

Is this really what you want to write about?

I have been running this blog quite negligently, and I have to also admit, without much effort.
I got lost somewhere in the blogging sphere, in deep dark corners of internet, filled with useless texts, cosmetics recommendations and ridiculous give-aways.

Several incidents in my personal life made me re-think this whole blogging idea and ask myself the simplest question to answer, ever: