Is this really what you want to write about?

I have been running this blog quite negligently, and I have to also admit, without much effort.
I got lost somewhere in the blogging sphere, in deep dark corners of internet, filled with useless texts, cosmetics recommendations and ridiculous give-aways.

Several incidents in my personal life made me re-think this whole blogging idea and ask myself the simplest question to answer, ever:

I will try, try really hard, to write more about stuff that really inspires me. Makes me happy, makes me smile and laugh, forces me to stop and think, but also about things that anger me and scare me. About things in my life that really matter to me.

I am still on my way to become the person I would like to be. Do not take me wrong here, please. I am absolutely happy with myself, I accept myself fully and I am satisfied with who I am, but still, life is a process of constant learning and therefore that is what I am striving to do. To become a better version of me in every aspect of my life, my look, my personality, my interests, my knowledge. I am just trying to move forward, on my own speed, not being forced. And this blog is a part of that process.


These days I have been trying to calibrate my life to be as stressless as possible. Therefore this are my every day life rules to happier, fuller life. It is not always easy to follow them, sometimes I get distracted or lost, but always try to come back and remind myself of who I would like to be.

Accept things you can not change. Do not let them drive you mad if you have no control over them.

Smile, be nice and polite. Even if you are tired. Even if you are bored. Be the kind of person you would like to get to know.

Focus on things that help you develop yourself. Do not be afraid to leave behind all those things or people that hold you back.

Make peace with your past. Do not be ashamed of your mistakes. Learn from them but do not hold on to. Live in the present.

Always do your bit. If you believe in something, regardless of what other think,  do it. Do it always, constantly, without hesitation. Do not compromise on your believes. Even small, seemingly innocent gestures can make a difference, if you really believe in them.

And most important, Always, regardless of anything, always BE YOURSELF.


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