Last week I went to Liverpool.

It was just a short visit, but very emotional. I lived In Liverpool for almost 7 years before I moved to Manchester. I never looked back and I have never regretted my decision, but when I stepped outside the Lime Street Station I felt overwhelmed. Everything was so familiar but  strange at the same time, so known to me but not mine any more: every building, every small street even people. 
I was wandering around Liverpool city centre, I went to the Docks where I took those pictures just seconds before the dusk came. Liverpool's city centre with its old, majestic buildings and quiet, almost empty Docks is what I miss the most.
Then I met with my friends, visited places I loved (and still love): Shipping Forecast (2 for 1 burgers on Tuesdays - one of the best burgers I had in Liverpool) and Central Perk Cafe (who doesn't love Friends?). Chatted, laughed and ate.

I guess Liverpool will always mean something special to me. It was my home for seven years, it is where I worked, lived, loved, met friends. It is where I grow up. It was nice to be back, even if it was just for few hours.


This Christmas holidays have been really busy for me. Many commitments, school, work .. I barely found a minute to spare for myself. 

I know it is really late, and Christmas is already over, but I wanted to show you a video that I have made for Qaffka Crafts. It is a Christmas video  post card with Poppy, obviously, starring as a main character. 

Hope you'll enjoy it!

It was my first video ever, very basic tools and software used, Poppy not cooperating, but I am proud of it. 

I hope you all had lovely Christmas time, spent with your closest ones in peaceful and family atmosphere.