Stevenson's story

This is a sad story, but with a happy ending.
While visiting Poland, at my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary party, after hours spent at the table, we went for a walk into the nearby forest .
My grandparents live in a small village, far away from everything.
Suddenly, the beloved dog of my grandma, Sonia, started sniffing and barking suspiciously into the bushes.

We looked around in interest and we have spotted ... a dog, left alone, on a tiny island surrounded by the river's water. The river is not impressive, but the little creature could not cross it. He did not get there by himself obviously.
After a not-s-short but very well cooperated rescue (all men took part), scared and shaky, the dog was saved.

The new owner has been found (chosen) immediately, as Stevenson bounded with my cousin in seconds. My cousin kept Stevenson close to his body, calming him and keeping him warm. Around half way home Stevenson stopped shaking.
My grandparents, who stayed home, had a great surprise. And that is how Stevenson became the second dog of the household. Sonia, I must guess, did not take the news well. 

The day after Stevenson was taken to the vet. He is healthy, around 3 months old, and did not spent long time outside. He is a mixed breed and no one can say how big will he grow.
I have to say that he has been very lucky. Left in the middle of the forest, with no way to escape and save himself, thanks to Sonia has been found by a family, who would never leave him there. And now he has became a part of it.
He is a very happy dog. Very protective towards its new owner. Energetic and playful, as every puppy is. 
Unconditional dog's love is something so pure and beautiful in its simplicity, that there is nothing else really to compare it to.
Stevenson is a one lucky dog!

Sonia, the rescue dog


  1. Niesamowita historia, szczęscie, że byliście w pobliżu. Sama chciałabym znaleźć takiego psiaka haha :D
    Dobrze, że już z nim wszystko ok, pozdrawiam :D