The Handmade Market Stockport

I am a big fan of handmade items. And of customised/personalised items. In today's world, where everyone is obsessed with buying more and more stuff, replacing heir wardrobe completely with every season by buying the same model of trousers/blouse/sweater as thousands of other customers, it is nice to have something that will not only stand out of the crowd of identical items, but will be unique and exclusive to the owner, and the owner only. Consumerism is brining us to the point where we buy just for the sake of buying, without valuing the purchased item. Why would we anyway, when it will be soon replaced by another item? 
With this not-so-short digression I wanted to invite you to have a look at the photos I took today at The Handmade Market in Stockport.
The Market takes place on 3rd Sunday of every month at the Historic Covered Market Hall in Stockport Town Centre. More info here:
I have seen many lovely handmade items: from chocolate sweets to patchwork pleads. Everything made with passion and love, hand crafted to very hight standards. All craftsmen greeted me with a smile and a small talk, it was a tough decision to choose only few items to buy from all those gems.

But, as usual, I had my favourites. 

Monique DecoArt

A very talented artisan. Home decor/furniture/boxes decorated with the decoupage technique. 

Our Lady of The Single Needle

Crochet items in rainbow of colours.  I was impressed by amazing yarns used (I loved the tweed-yarn items) and stunning colourful mandalas. Obviously crochet birds in the nest have to be mentioned here as one of my favourite items in her collection!

Nerys Rose Designs

A stall different from all the others. Laser cut designs in acrylic, paper and wood. Simple, delicate and modern. My favourite items are the acrylic Christmas Threes. Obviously took them home with me.

Support local businesses. Have a look at their pages. Visit local markets. You might find the perfect gift for someone special and I can reassure you that it will be THE GIFT: unique, original and one of a kind.

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