Bark in style

As the weather outside is getting colder and colder, we have decided together with Poppy, that the time has come to take the winter coats out of the closet.

Both coats on pictures below are handmade. Pink one is quite light, blue one is much warmer with fleece lining. Coating of both coats is made of a waterproof material. As I was not satisfied with the dog's clothes I found in the shops (or I didn't like the materials nor the price) I have decided to make them myself (with some help of my talented mum).

I am not a big fan dog's clothes in general. Poppy isn't a fan of them either. But she appreciates them when we go out for a long walk and she gets cold, or when it is raining. On days when the rain is pouring, she would not even stick her paw out of the door if she wouldn't have the coat on. Yes, in my dog's head, rain and wind are unacceptable conditions for walking and therefore if the choice would be hers only, we would not leave the house until summer.

Did you say park?

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