First days of spring

Sun on the sky, warmer temperatures, longer days and everything seems greener. People smile more often. Spring has finally came. And till now, to my surprise, not a drop of rain.

I have recently purchased some really interesting items to support my photography hobby, you can see them below: wooden carved table (bought for £5,00) and some vintage porcelain cups and plates.

I have also been busy working on my mum's project, Qaffka Crafts. My mum crochets and knits various items, mostly hats and scarfs, but for the spring time we came out with some new project ideas. The result can be seen on the pictures below.

Yarn used for this project has been ordered from Portugal. It comes from overproduction or production leftovers of textile industry. We loved it straight away, because of its chunky texture and endless possibilities but mostly because of where it comes from: a waste. I absolutely love the facts that we can re-use something that would previously be disposed, that we can give it a new life through our creations. Fabric yarn, also known as a T-Shirt yarn, can be easily produced at home from any old T-Shirt. You can find plenty of guides on how to do so on-line.

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  1. Stunning photos but why no milk in the tea?