It is not always easy to eat well. Thousands of excuses: no time, no power, no ideas...

Eating well does not have to be difficult. Below you can find my lunch idea: fast, easy and fuss-free.

What's on the plate?
- corn salad
- rocket salad
- radish
- tomatoes
- fried eggs (fried without oil)
- avocado
- grilled halloumi cheese
- sauce of yoghurt, spoon of mayonnaise, mustard and sweet paprika powder

How was it prepared?
In the meantime, while frying eggs, I have chopped and sliced the rest of ingredients and prepared the sauce, so not much time needed for a healthy, delicious and light meal.

I try to use organic vegetables in my meals. I usually buy them from Village Greens shop or a small market stand with organic foods just in front of Arndale Shopping centre. Organic foods usually tastes better than the ones we can find in big supermarkets, especially when it comes to vegetables that you eat raw. Just to clarify, I am not organic-crazy person and as I do not have much free time most of my shopping comes from my local supermarket.

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