I have just very recently became a proud owner of three woollen, handmade sweaters.
They are ridiculously warm, soft and obviously, one of a kind.
Woollen sweater is essential for colder climates, especially when temperature falls below 0 C. From time to time you might need one even in England. 
Merino wool's properties varies depending on the origin of the yarn, but what should be remembered in general: it will keep you warm, as it is an active fibre, and as it is extremely breathable wearing it you will not sweat. Some of the merino wools can be quite prickly and very unpleasant, if worn directly against bare skin, but one layer of cotton clothing under the sweater will sort the problem out. Finer merino yarns can be softer, making them suitable even for child-wear, as they will not be prickly at all, not compromising on its amazing properties.
So, wearing wool might be tricky, but what is more trickier is the garment care. Always read the label, even if your garment has been bought in the shop, whether it contains even traces of wool. Nowadays most wool yarns can be washed in the wash machine, but if you do not want to risk shrinking your sweater (or destroying it completely), always check the label before. 
I wash my sweaters by hand, even if they have quite a low wool content (around 30%), as I believe it is a more gentle and less invasive way of cleaning them to prolong their wear-life. I always use the fabric softener as the final step, making sure they sit in it for some time, as it softens the fibres.
Obviously, if you have no time/patience and the garment can be machine washed, there is nothing really that can stop you.
Drying wool garments, especially if made of 100% wool, is also important. They should be dried lying flat, to preserve the garment's shape.
Always remember, the more wool in the garment, the better for you. It will be warmer, more suitable for your body, more breathable and it will last longer than any acrylic material. The only problem is that not many high street shops offer sweaters with hight wool content, if you do not believe me, you can check it for yourself. Knowing your clothes, conscious buying, can be very beneficial - always check the label, do not settle for low quality materials.

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