Having many responsibilities in your life does not leave you much time for pleasures.
I have been recently very, very busy and I did not have time to take any new photos. Poppy is obviously very disappointed by the fact that I will post today another load of photos from Heaton Park. Actually, while writing this note, she is gazing at me in disrespect and swivelling her eyes.
Heaton Park, as I wrote previously, is a great place for everyone. Cyclists, families, dogs lovers, joggers all come here the enjoy the green trees, quietness and I believe, generally out-of-big-town atmosphere. The only thing I can and will complain at is every sunny weekend day when literally EVERYONE comes to the park it becomes as busy as the very centre of Manchester. But, as we all know, if you can not have what you dream about you should enjoy what you have been given.

In the meantime, together with my not very skilled in crafts dog, we have helped and worked on my mum's small business, Qaffka Crafts. We, well ... mostly my mum, makes knitted and crochet headbands, hats, scarf and Chrsitams decorations. As it is a very new thing for all of us, we are looking for ideas, places to sell, trying to reach more customers while enjoying what we are doing. 

We have visited few small Christmas Markets, talked to other traders, got inspired, sold few items and got feedback from our customers. We have decided to take our small business further, work on it, develop it and be proud of it. All of this obviously takes time. And that is mostly why, I have not had time for Poppy 90's Pop stars themed photo-shoot. I am joking obviously, Poppy is defo not into 90's.

 We had lots of fun in the park.

 Poppy met a dog.

 The dog has no interest in Poppy. Not very friendly.

 Bazinga. Poppy was tricked. Had to run away fast to protect the biggest treasure - stinky, wet stick.

 We met more dogs.

 Some of them were very gracious, No wonder Poppy did not want to pose with this one. Competition.

 Some were very playful.

...and courious...

 Really very playful and courios...

 The view.

 Poppy enjoying historic surroundings.

 Poppy contemplating the lost stick in the historic surroundings.

 Historic surroundings.

 Small, funny train on wheels.

 There were more dogs that really wanted to play with Poppy.

 But Poppy had to be somewhere else...

 We travelled by bus. Did you know you have to pay 50 pence on First to travel with a dog? And did you know there is no dog's daily tickets? It's a scandal.

Despite few lost sticks and omnipresent cold we have really enjoyed it.


  1. Mam nadzieję, że kiedyś też z moja psiną (której jeszcze nie mam, ale będę miała) wybiorę się na dluuugi spacer do parku...Labrador...jamnik.hmmm..

  2. Zycze zatem psa jak najszybciej. Nic tak nie motywuje do dlugich spacerow!