Lake District

There is nothing happier than my dog at the lake.

Summer is almost over, pictures were taken some time ago, but still a nice reminder of a great outdoor day.

Lake District is a magical place where I love to come back for more and more. There is still co many places I have not seen, and so I think, I will never get tired of this place.


The swimmer. The dog. The arrow.

As you could read in the previous post, my dog does not swim. In fact she did not know how to swim up to the moment I bought her a life vest.

For less than £10 from Amazon, the most magnificent although not very stylish piece of clothing helped my little doggie swim as fast as an arrow.

I believe, that because of her bodybuild, she had trouble swimming but with this extra support she no longer fears water.

We had amazing moments together, Poppy so proud and surprised, enjoying the new activity. After hours of walking and swimming she felt asleep straight on the train's floor. A good day for all of us.


Almost like a Loch Ness monster

Dovestone Reservoir is an amazing place for a day outdoor. 

The weather is not spoiling us this year, so every time I have a chance (read: when I am not working) to go somewhere nice and the weather is good (read: can be windy and cold but not raining much), I do. I pack Poppy's outdoor bag (food, bowl, poo bags, water in a bottle, towel and some toys), get us on a bus and go for the unknown. Well, this time, for known, as we have already visited Dovestone before, but this time with extra, bonus time in water (Poppy obviously, I did not dare).

So, my dog loves water. She does not exactly like being bathed, but wild water, in fact any water anywhere is a source of real excitement. As we took her from dog's home when she was almost a year old, I assume that she has never been let to swim before, nor she has been near any water at all.

It was purely amazing to see her curiosity and bravery. At first she was a bit nervous, scared of water and waves, but step by step, paw after paw, she got more and more confident. To a point. She does not swim, so the farthest she goes, is as long as her paws touch the ground. It is an adorable picture, Poppy crying and squeaking at ducks flowing just in front of her nose, but not close enough to be reached. What a shame. The most enjoyed activity was standing in the water. Standing still. Why? Nobody knew the reason and Poppy did not explain. For me she is the cutest, smallest Loch Ness monster there could ever be!

We both enjoyed time together, quiet surroundings, no city sounds, water and hills, contact with nature. A great get away from the city. Obviously, only for those, who like to leave the city sometimes.


Shadow in the sun

Shadow is a young, happy dog. 
Always full of energy, ready to play and run, just as every young dog should be. Shadow is a part of Poppy's park pack. Poppy met Shadow when he was almost her size, now even that he is few times bigger they still enjoy a good tease and run around the park now and then.


Vera, the German Shepard

No two dogs are the same.
This furious, strong and vicious dog is a beloved home pet. 
 Vera, 7 year old German Shepard.


Stevenson's story

This is a sad story, but with a happy ending.
While visiting Poland, at my Grandparent's 50th Wedding Anniversary party, after hours spent at the table, we went for a walk into the nearby forest .
My grandparents live in a small village, far away from everything.
Suddenly, the beloved dog of my grandma, Sonia, started sniffing and barking suspiciously into the bushes.



I am not environmentally crazy. In fact, I have not even been much interested in this subject previously.
Being raised in a very small town I lived a life quite close to the nature, without actually realising it. Together with friends, often we would be going for long walks, cycle through the forests, visit the villages nearby or go to swim in the lake. We used to eat fruit and vegetables grown by my grandmother, drink the milk delivered by the cows she kept and eat the eggs from her chickens. We would not drink Coke or other frizzy drinks usually but the home-made juice, made by our mums from cooked fruits with a hint of sugar. If we had a plastic bottle, we naturally, reused it. To bring fresh milk from my grandma, or to keep the juice in it for long days spent outside with friends. I always had my lunch prepared in my backpack ready to eat during the break between classes. We would go, with friends and family, to pick wild berries, wild mushrooms or any other yummy stuff that grows in the forest. We would help my grandparents in the countryside to plant the crops and then afterwards to harvest what has grown. This is how I remember my childhood to be. It was the time of freedom and happiness, just before the reality of the adult life hit me.